SeaWorld is Challanging Ban on Whale and Trainer Contact


November 12, 2013

On USA today online, they talk about the ban that federal government placed on trainers to not have any contact with orca whales in more than knee-deep water. This ban was put in place after a SeaWorld trainer was killed by one of the orcas. The federal government has said, “SeaWorld knows Tilikum is dangerous and  prohibits trainers from working in water more than knee-deep with the animal. With other whales, trainers can swim in their pools. SeaWorld’s trainers have dozens of close interactions daily with the park’s seven killer whales”. SeaWorld argues that human contact with the killer whales is meant to be educational and integral for the care of the whales. They also state that they want to interact with the natural world. SeaWorld goes as far as to say that the risks of being in close contact with these animals are no more than the risk a NFL player faces in games, or for NASCAR racers.

I found this article hard to read because I was just shaking my head the whole time not believing that SeaWorld wants to put trainers back in the water with the orcas. SeaWorld claims that they do not exploit the animals and that they are at the parks to help learn more about them. I do not understand why the trainers need to have direct contact with the animals, unless it was for shows. The risk of putting trainers in the water with the large orcas is a huge risk, and I think that the federal government should stay strong on this stance.


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