What You Can Do!

save the whales

After watching the documentary I was left with the question of how can I help? I am sure a lot of you reading are also wondering how you can help, especially after viewing my blog. So what I did was look at numerous amounts of websites to compile together the difference ways that you can make a difference. I laid out some easy ways that anyone can help, and also included some options that are a little harder, but very doable if you can donate your time and money.

1. The first and most important thing that you can do is to not support marine mammal parks, such as SeaWorld. It is very important to not financially support marine mammal parks, because they are a business and their money flow needs to be cut off.

2. Spread awareness via social media, such as Facebook; the more people that you can tell the better, even if you start small and use word of mouth to tell your friends and family. You can also share the documentary ‘Blackfish’. You can even host a screening party with your friends and family.

3. Contact SeaWorld and tell them how you fell! You can email, write, call and send messages to their Facebook page. To contact them you can visit their “contact us” on the SeaWorld’s website, or email them at at corp.community@seaworld.com or corp.communications@seaworld.com.

4. Educate yourself! The more you know about Orcas and captivity the better! There is a lot to learn about to advocate for these magnificent mammals, such as animal welfare regulations, marine-mammal veterinary care, survival tactics, federal legislation, ect. Some resources that are helpful are Blackfish, 7 Reasons Orcas and Captivity Don’t Mix, The Killer in the Pool, Killer Controversy: Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity, and Death at SeaWorld.

5. Reach out to an Anti-Captivity group. You can donate your time or money to helping these organizations. Ways that you help are event planning, fundraising, petition drives, volunteer office or accounting work, publicizing on social media, ect. There are so many nonprofit organizations that are out there working on improving conditions for captive orcas, and are trying to work towards the orcas release to a sea sanctuary, and the ocean (in few cases). Some organizations that you can help: Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Animal Welfare Insitute, Humane Society of the United States, and Humane Society International.

6. Lobby Your Government. You can contact your Congressman and inform them that you would like them to not support Marine Mammal captivity.

7. Protest! You can make your voice heard with a peaceful protest outside of captive-orca facilities, and hand out flyers to people going in and out, or hold up posters.

 8. Buy stock in SeaWorld so you can attend stockholders meetings. At the meetings you can express your position. PETA has been a part of this option.


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