What Does SeaWorld’s Offical Website Reveal??

seaworlds response

I was very curious as to what SeaWorld had to offer after reading everything about Orca’s rights.  So what I did was I went on their website to see how they contribute to the community, if at all. I did find that they said on their ‘How We Care’ page on their website,

“This commitment to animals reaches around the world. SeaWorld Parks&Entertainment   supports conservation programs and also operates one of the world’s most respected  wildlife rescue programs. In cooperation with the government and other members of accredited stranding networks, SeaWorld has helped animals in need—ill, injured, orphaned, and abandoned—for more than four decades.  More than 22,000 animals have been rescued by the park’s animal experts. The goal of the program is to rehabilitate the return these animals to the wild.”

The last line left me a little perplexed; it says that the goal of their program is to rehabilitate then return animals to the wild. Although this is a little hard to believe because they are breading Orca Whales in captivity and these mammals will never be let into the wild. Also the Orcas that they do have to bred were there in the first place because they were captured not ill, injured, orphaned, or abandoned, as SeaWorld’s website states. So after this I tried to explore their website more in depth to find out more about how they help the Orcas. I looked in the Science and Research and the information that I did find about how captivity of Orcas was helping science and contributing to research was that they use the births of the Orcas in captivity to lead to scientific discoveries. They use the animals born in the parks to study development and growth rates. They also state that their scientists at the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Reproductive Center were the first in the world to successfully develop artificial insemination in killer whales, as well as bottlenose and Pacific white-sided dolphins, and beluga whales.



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