Legend of the Killer Whale- Why they dont eat people


Why Killer Whales Don’t Eat People- This article is really interesting! Just as the title states the article is on why Orcas do not attack humans. It starts by telling the legend about the creation of the Killer Whale:

Natsilane was a charismatic and skilled wood carver who married the Chief’s daughter. Jealous of Natsilane’s popularity and talent, his brothers-in-law devised a plan to abandon Natsilane at sea during a traditional sea lion hunt. Left to die on a small rock in the middle of nowhere, Natsilane was summoned under the waves by a sea lion. The sea lion asked him to heal his son who was injured by a spear during the hunt. After pulling the spear point out, the Sea Lion Chief granted Natsilane great powers and helped him back to shore. Still angry about being abandoned, he began carving a great whale out of different types of wood. The first two carvings, when set in the water, simply floated away. But the third, made of yellow cedar, came to life. Natsilane sent it to exact revenge on his brothers-in-law. When the killer whale found them, he smashed their canoe and killed the brothers. But Natsilane felt badly about what he had done, and when the whale returned to him, he instructed it to never harm humans again.”

Orcas are much larger and stronger than us humans, and they are carnivores. So why do they not eat us? There are three explanations in this article:

1) Simply that we do not taste good. Orcas have very picky palettes.

2) Humans do not resemble any of the Orcas’ food sources.

3) A part of the Orca culture to not eat humans (resembles the legend).


Link to the article below:




One thought on “Legend of the Killer Whale- Why they dont eat people

  1. I thought it was interesting how killer whales will chase humans but cut off once they realize they are not seals. Good thing they don’t like the taste of humans.

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